xLiMe-Handbook for developers

We have created a handbook, where developers can find pointers to technical components deployed in the xLiMe toolkit.

Summary of Project Year 3

Please read what the xLiMe project team has done during the third project year!

APIs, source code, data sets, demonstrators available after Project Year 3

1. Trained Monolingual and Bilingual Word Embeddings
2. Pre-set DBpedia and Wikipedia Categories
3. 7000+ TV shows from 21 channels (English and German)
4. Event Registry - correlate
5. Showcase
6. Front-end services
github code
demo deployment (example)
7. Front-end elements
github code
element docs/demos
8. ECONDA final demonstratior
9. VICO demo station (credentials on request)
10. ZATTOO final prototype (credentials on request)
11. BREXIT dataset

Summary of Project Year 2

Please read what the xLiMe project team has done during the second project year!

APIs, source code, data sets available after Project Year 2

1. API access to the Event Registry data
2. xLiMe Twitter Corpus
3. xLiMe Twitter Annotator
4. Twitter Sentiment Corpus Generator

Automatically generate a sentiment dataset from collected tweets by using smileys and emojeys

5. Wikidata Mapping

A resource mapping service that enables the matching of different entity resources to their equivalent in Wikidata

6. Video OCR solution for extracting text from videos
7. Multimedia ground-truth crowd-sourcing

Credentials can be requested from dculibrk [at] uns.ac.rs

8. Data set and scripts for evaluating VOCR solutions
9. The cross-lingual linked data lexica
10. EDA - Data Summarisation

xLiMe Dataset Summarisation service aims to provide a basic interface for enabling Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Summary of Project Year 1

Please read what the xLiMe project team has done during the first project year!

xLiMe Flyer

Our project flyer provides a nice overview of what it's all about.

xLiMe Factsheet

The project factsheet gives a concise and comprehensive description of the project's core concepts and the results we aim to achieve.